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Dear friends and sympathizers,

Due to the Corona crisis, we have made a tough decision:  We decided to postpone our project at least for one year.
On this platform and social media, we will keep you informed if  and when our project will go on!

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

Warm greetings,

Luc, Marianne and our Lions club members of Lions club De Panne – Westkust

This fundraising Lions project takes you to golfcourses all over Europe for multiple good causes. Make sure to be part of it!

An initiative of Lions club De Panne – Westkust

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Are you an avid golfer? Come and play golf with us in a golf club around Europe.




Lions club De Panne – Westkust presents its latest fundraising project: Lion on charity golf tour.

This project invites you to golfcourses all over Europe to collect money for 3 charities: LCIF, Kinderkankerfonds, and Havenzate.

Starting in September 2020, one of our club members, together with his wife, will make a yearlong journey in a camper across Europe, leading them to over 100 golf courses in 15 different countries. His goal is to play there toghether with local Lions club golfers and other sympathising players (local or visitors)  in order to collect money for our chosen three charities. You are all very welcome to play or support us! You can find more details about participation and where to play on this website.

You will be able to follow their adventure because the journey will be actively promoted and shared on social media. On this website and on a travel blog, they will keep the attention alive. Followers will have the possibility to follow the event, share it with their friends and donate. Even a small gift can make a huge difference to the good causes involved.

Also, sponsoring is a source of income in our project. Sponsors will have a unique opportunity to put their brand or company in the picture on a European level for a broad audience of golf players and Lions members.

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KINDER KANKERFONDS (Children’s Cancer foundation)

They ensure a better quality of life for children with cancer and their families.

Vzw Kinderkankerfonds provides financial and psychological support to children with cancer and their families. The treatment increases the chances of healing, but the treatment takes a long time and is often accompanied by all kinds of side effects. The child is nevertheless confronted with discomfort and pain. Parents suffer from fear, insecurity, and feelings of powerlessness. A lot of extra care is needed to motivate these children and their parents to maintain this and to make the treatment bearable.

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Havenzate is a support center for the care and support of adults with an intellectual disability. Havenzate offers various forms of housing with individual and group supervision. There is a range of day support available in various day workshops and in leisure moments. There is also the possibility to use the Havenzate logistics service.

It is the main project of our local Lions club Westkust De Panne.

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LCIF chooses projects that are in their four main areas of focus: providing disaster relief, supporting youth, saving sight, and meeting humanitarian needs. Grants are available to Lions for projects in these areas, according the specific criteria within each grant program. Additionally, LCIF partners with appropriate organizations to achieve larger goals in these areas, such as Gavi, the Vaccine AllianceSpecial Olympics and The Carter Center.


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