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On the  calendar, you can see where Luc will play and when. We booked  one flight of four players in every club on the list. Three golfers (in possesion of the golf club’s required handicap) can play together with Luc in his flight. If you are not a member in the golf club where we will be playing, you will have to pay yourself  the normal green fee in the clubhouse before departure.

Participation is open to every individual player and not only to Lions members. We emphasize solidarity with charity and not competition. 

As a participant, we ask you to represent a serviceclub of your choice. By draw, one of those clubs will be the lucky winner of a cheque at the end of our tour.  You can particpate by using the register  button below.

Furthermore, the service club with the largest number of participating players at the end of the tour will also be rewarded.

It is made possible for all good hearted people, sympathising with our project, to make a gift using the donation button on this website. It is evident that we hope that  players will make a voluntary donation using the ‘donate button’ below this page. They can determine the amount themselves and, of course, we hope they will be generous!

Luc and his wife Marianne will be present with their ‘lion-on-charity-tour’ camper from 9.00 to 12.00 pm to give you a warm welcome before the game! Most flights are booked between 12.00 and pm and 1.00 am. We ask you to register here below as soon as possible and at least one month before the date. We will confirmate date and starting time well in advance.