Kinder kankerfonds

This are their main projects:


One of the goals of  Kinderkankerfonds is to support scientific cancer research. Because they are convinced that research is and remains crucial in the fight against childhood cancer.

De LIEving

deLIEving is a cozy play and living space in the children’s hospital of Gent Universal Hospital for brothers and sisters of sick children.


Koester makes home care possible. Sick children in the hospital want nothing more than to be at home. KOESTER stands for Children’s Oncological Unit for Specific Home Care and Rehabilitation and has made this possible for more than 28 years.


The family day is an annual meeting point for families who have ever come into contact with the child cancer department. A moment where they look forward to and where everyone’s heart goes out.

KKF Classics

The KKF Classics, formerly 3K6 Goes Classic, is a musical performance that is performed by people who are connected in one way or another to the pediatric cancer department of UZ Gent: patients, ex-patients, parents, brothers & sisters, doctors …

Ado weekends and ado camps

Young people with cancer sometimes need contact with peers with similar life experiences. During ado weekends and camps they meet each other, they can ask each other questions, share worries, and feel understood and acknowledged.

Financial support for patients and their families

Families with a cancer patient face high costs. We support families financially in a structured way with a “comfort lump sum” or “palliative comfort lump sum’’.

Meeting time for parents of deceased children

We guide (grand) parents of deceased children by bringing them together.


Going on holiday with a child with cancer is often not self-evident. Noctiluca understands the difficult situation of these families. Two apartments on the Belgian coast make it possible for these families to get away from it all.

Happy hour

Happy Hour brings musicians, storytellers, and clowns to the bed of sick children and young people. Happy Hour wants to brighten up, distract, soften and help them forget.


A new project about contact with fellow sufferers for young adults older than 18 years.

Studio Nona

Through game counseling at home, seriously ill children can escape their illness for a while and enjoy themselves again as children. Studio Nona offers parents and children a choice of customized games and relaxation.