Participation options


A financial sponsorship with a yearlong return as a main sponsor in all possible means of our communication: website, social media, logo on Luc’s clothing on the golf course, logo (50/30 cm) on the back of the camper, logo on the flyers distributed by the clubs, possibility of business relations playing golf in Luc’s flight, and any other possible suggestions to be done by you will be considered. 

Exclusivity will be guaranteed within your market. There is a maximum of 5 main sponsors. 

The price of this sponsorship is to be negotiated.


Participation in the form of services or goods making the trip a success. 

Includes the camper, golf equipment, website (already booked: AIKO), computer hardware and support, fuel supply, and everything to the extent not to be in conflict with the main sponsors and contributes to the organization of either the golf games or the trip itself.

Exclusivity will be guaranteed within your market.

This sponsors will get exposed mainly by product placement, pictures and comments on our social media and travel blog.


A day sponsorship on the golf club, offering firms the opportunity to invite business relations to come and  play exclusively in our flight. 

It includes 3 dinner vouchers for the golf restaurant (value 75 euro pp) and a package of three personalised golf balls per participant.

This sponsor will get visibility on our social media for that day.

This sponsorship amounts to 750 euro per club


Includes clothing, Eyewear, sports drinks, … and everything that is not in conflict with our Lions code of conduct and public order. 

The price of this sponsorship is to be negotiated.

All sponsors get an invoice by  Lions club De Panne who will ensure that all deposits are correct and as agreed will be endowed for the agreed-upon social projects.  Please send us a message by mail using our contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible. The tour overlaps two years. As a sponsor, you can choose to have your invoice for the fiscal year 2020 or 2021.

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