The project

Lions club De Panne – Westkust presents its latest fundraising project: Lion on charity golf tour.

This project invites you to golfcourses all over Europe to collect money for 3 charities: Kinderkankerfonds, Havenzate, and LCIF.

Starting in September 2020, one of our club members, together with his wife, will make a yearlong journey in a camper across Europe, leading them to over 100 golf courses in 15 different countries. Their goal is to play there together with local and visiting golfers to collect money for charity. You are all very welcome to play with us or to support us! You can find more details about participation and where to play on this website.

You will be able to follow their adventure because the journey will be actively promoted and shared on social media. On this website and on a travel blog, they will keep the attention alive. Followers will have the possibility to follow the event, share it with their friends and donate. Even a small gift can make a huge difference to the good causes involved.

Also, sponsoring is a source of income in our project. Sponsors will have a unique opportunity to put their brand or company in the picture on a European level for a broad audience of golf players and Lions members.

You can help!
Support one of our charity organisations. Any donation will make a difference.


Are you an avid golfer? Come and play golf with us in a golf club around Europe.


The trip

September 2020, starting in Belgium, our charity golf tour in our camper will lead us over 100 golfcourses through 13 European countries, driving more than 20.000 kilometers.

We start in our hometown  Koksijde, playing our first game of golf on the excellent inland golf links “Ter Hille”, realized by Jeremy Pern in 2014, but already a beauty and a very challenging golf.

From there, with the approaching winter in our regions, we head via Paris to the south of Europe to play golf under the best weather conditions in Portugal and Spain. In between golf plays, we surely will enjoy the beautiful nature, culture, and the many personal contacts we will have.

In the spring of 2021, we will be playing in between the mountains in Italy and Austria after which we will gradually travel north to the Scandinavian countries. In the absence of a ferry between Norway and Scotland, we are forced to drive back from Oslo to Amsterdam to sail from there to Scotland:  The home of golf!  The Old Course of Saint Andrews, Carnoustie and Muirfield speak to every golfer’s mention. No problem: you will be able to discover these legendary courses with us via social media.

From Scotland, we leave for Ireland where we play amongst others Carnalea, Ballybunion and The Old Head.

The last stage of our charity trip leads us across England and we will arrive back in Koksijde 1 year after our departure.

Our entire journey is mapped out on the map below.



KINDER KANKERFONDS (Children’s Cancer foundation)

They ensure a better quality of life for children with cancer and their families.

Vzw Kinderkankerfonds provides financial and psychological support to children with cancer and their families. The treatment increases the chances of healing, but the treatment takes a long time and is often accompanied by all kinds of side effects. The child is nevertheless confronted with discomfort and pain. Parents suffer from fear, insecurity, and feelings of powerlessness. A lot of extra care is needed to motivate these children and their parents to maintain this and to make the treatment bearable.

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Havenzate is a support center for the care and support of adults with an intellectual disability. Havenzate offers various forms of housing with individual and group supervision. There is a range of day support available in various day workshops and in leisure moments. There is also the possibility to use the Havenzate logistics service.

It is the main project of our local Lions club Westkust De Panne.

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LCIF chooses projects that are in their four main areas of focus: providing disaster relief, supporting youth, saving sight, and meeting humanitarian needs. Grants are available to Lions for projects in these areas, according the specific criteria within each grant program. Additionally, LCIF partners with appropriate organizations to achieve larger goals in these areas, such as Gavi, the Vaccine AllianceSpecial Olympics and The Carter Center.



Supported and patronized by the Lions club De Panne Westkust and the whole Lions family, this trip is an idea from and performed by Luc Ameloot who joined the Lions family only last year.

Although a relatively new Lion member, he saw firsthand what it means to give back to people who have been less fortunate in life.

Affected by the virus ‘ to serve’, which is prominently present in the genes of every Lion, he taught about a way to do more to serve people who are less fortunate in life, and he wanted to challenge himself to take action.

Luc: ‘’All the pieces of the puzzle came together when I heard about a Dutch swimmer who planned to swim the Eleven Cities Skate tour for the good cause. As an amateur golfer, the initial plan was to play in some Belgian clubs. After hearing an interview with the coach of FC Bruges, Ivan Leko, that it was important to dream big, I expanded my idea to the European continent to make the challenge even bigger.

After a career of 30 years in the sports business, the moment is there to take a one-year sabbatical together with my wife Marianne, to make this trip come through, in order to raise money for charity.

The choice of the charities was simple to make: In my youth, both my parents were psychiatric patients, so I learned firsthand the importance of good supervision of the patient as well as his environment. Havenzate is exemplary in its leading role as a health care provider for people with mental disabilities in the region.

Becoming grandparents, and the story of a client and her son in my shop, made me aware of the hard times for children and their families in the struggle against cancer. This was the trigger to choose for the Children Cancer Foundation as a second charity project to support.

As a Lions member, LCIF WITH ITS international role, cannot be underestimated and deserves also to get a part of the earned money.

The commitment to take both a year without salary for he good cause and almost 2 years of daily administrative and preparatory planning, is the sacrifice we make with great dedication and satisfaction.”

It is important to know that all the earned money goes directly to the charities and don’t cover the travel expenses of the trip that are entirely paid by Luc and Marianne.